Dr. Karen Becker

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Dr. Becker wrote her first pet cookbook in 1999 after recognizing that people committed to nourishing their pets healthfully were short on “how to” resources. Her second cookbook, Real Food for Healthy Pets, was co-authored in 2009 and The “Whole Dog Journal” awarded this cookbook the title of “Best Book on Home-Prepared Dog Food Diets on the Market.” The third edition was released in 2011, and continues to sell out due to popularity. She is currently working on a book about canine longevity with Rodney Habib, who founded the largest pet wellness social media page in the world, Planet Paws.

Her passion for empowering pet owners to take a proactive stance towards intentionally creating thriving pets resulted in Dr. Becker joining forces with the largest human wellness website, Mercola.com, to provide a free template for vibrant health to pet lovers worldwide. Millions of visitors check out her wealth of free information at healthypets.mercola.com on a daily basis. You can also find blogs by Dr. Becker at the Huffington Post. She regularly contributes content to several magazines, podcasts, TV segments and radio shows.
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